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Are you going on vacation, but are reluctant to board your pet(s) at a boarding facility while you are gone?

Let Your Chef's Dawn and David care for your house and pets while you are away.  They are experienced with house sitting duties and they eliminate the hassle of transporting your pet to a boarding facility which will be costly to you and unfamiliar and stressful for them.  Dawn and David never charge for their services.  If you wished to obtain the services of Dawn and David, an agreement would be composed and signed with the home owner which would outline the duties and responsibilities/expectations while the home owner is away.

Dawn and David are currently acting as caretakers at a ranch in California but are available for sitting duties now with the following exceptions:  Our time is fully committed through June 2016.  We are now taking requests for the balance of 2016 and all of 2017.

Our experience:

  • House sitting and care and feeding of four dogs, two horses and a mule for one month on a 350 acre ranch off the grid in central Oregon.

  • House sitting and care and feeding of a dog and cat for six weeks on a 40 acre ranch off the grid in Hackberry, Arizona.

  • House sitting for two months in Pomona, Queensland, Australia.

  • House sitting and care and feeding of a dog and cat in Walla Walla, Washington.

  • House sitting and care and feeding of a dog, a cat, a rabbit and guinea pig and six chinchillas for two months in Coalville, Great Britain.

  • We are currently active in our present assignment as caretakers on an 800 acre ranch with two dogs, two cats, a horse and a burro in central California near Yosemite Park and perform our duties while the owners are vacationing.  We live on the ranch full time and our assignment will complete at the end of June 2016.

References from any of our past or current clients as well as others are available on request either from us or through the website we are registered with (

If you think you might be interested in obtaining our house sitting services, please contact Chef Dawn at or call 206-455-1695.
Your Chef will house sit your home and pets